Glad-Ray-K BW Aleen-Red 

• 1st Fall Calf & Junior Champion of the Junior Show, New York
  Spring Red & White Show 2017

• 1st Fall Calf, Junior Champion of the Junior Show, and Reserve
  Junior Champion, Midwest Spring Red & White Show 2017

• All-Wisconsin & Junior All-Wisconsin Red & White Fall Calf 2017

• Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show, WI R&W

  Championship Show 2017

• 8th Fall Calf & 2nd Junior, International Red & White Show 2017

Barbwire x Holbric Star Alanis-ET VG-85 x Miss Arsenio Allie-Red

EX-91 x Wilstar-RS Momentum Axel-ET VG-89 GMD DOM x Dreamstreet Enhancer Alicia EX-94 GMD DOM

Tanbark Ladies

East River Gold Deb 321-ET  VG-86 at 2Y

Goldwyn x Homestead Astronomical Deb EX-95 3E


• 4th Junior 2-Year-Old, District 10 Show 2017

• HM All-American Summer Yearling 2016

• Junior All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling, Wisconsin Championship

  Junior Show 2016

• 3rd Summer Yearling, group 1, Wisconsin Junior State Fair 2016

• 3rd Summer Yearling, International Junior Holstein Show 2016

Siemers Jubile-Queen-Red-ET

• 4th Spring Calf, Exhibitors 10 & Under, Wisconsin Championship
  Junior Show 2016

Vandoskes Dback Carley-ET

Now owned by Andrew Hetke, Eric Wetenkamp, Steve Holschbach & Chase Holschbach, Baraboo, WI

• 1st Fall Yearling & Jr. Champion, Midwest National Spring Show 2018

• 1st Fall Calf, International Junior Holstein Show 2017

• 10th Fall Calf, International Holstein Show 2017

Sire: Diamondback

Dam: OCD Sid Caylee-ET VG-85

2nd Dam: Windy-Knoll-View Chantel-ET VG-88

3rd Dam: Windy-Knoll-View Chanel-ET EX-94 3E, 201,000 lft.

            Nominated All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2006

Next Dams: EX-90, EX-94 3E, EX-90, EX-90, EX-90, EX-91 2E, 

      EX-92 2E, EX-90 2E 

Congratulations to Carley's new owners & best of luck on a successful show season!

Titletown-J Solomon Cara

• Reserve Junior All-Wisconsin Spring Calf (Exh. 10 & Under) 2017

• Reserve Junior All-Wisconsin Spring Calf 2017

• 9th Spring Calf, International Junior Holstein Show 2017

Her Dam: RJR McCutchen 4310 VG-86

Milking 170 lbs./day with a 4.8%F and 3.2%P

Projected to 47,310 this lactation

Sayabec Nykon Nydja

• Nominated Junior All-American Winter Yearling 2015

• 2nd Winter Yearling, Wisconsin Junior State Fair 2015

• Reserve Champion Yearling & HM Junior Champion, Wisconsin
   Junior State Fair 2015

• 7th Open & 3rd Junior Winter Yearling, Wisconsin Championship
  Show 2015

• 3rd Winter Yearling, District 10 Show 2015

2nd Dam: Ms Baltimor Cutie-ET EX-94, 5-03 3x 332 47,110 4.2 1965 3.2 1500

3rd Dam: Ms Goldwyn Cheryl-ET EX-94 2E, 2-01 2x 365 34,510 4.3 1483 3.1 1071

4th Dam: Wilcoxview Drm Carmella-ET EX-94 4E GMD, 183,380 lft.

5th Dam: Wilcoxview BC Cami-ET EX-93 DOM, Unan. All-American Sr. 3 1999

Next Dams: EX-94 2E GMD DOM, VG-88 GMD DOM, VG-87 GMD DOM, 
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